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Website Guidelines

Post by Kage-Inazuma on Sat Jan 31, 2015 3:42 pm

Signature Guidelines:

1) Absolutely no racist or sexist remarks and no nudity. They are not allowed in signatures.
2) Please have your images be a realistic size and no excess amounts of images or text. Your signature will be removed and replaced with a "Please fix your signature as it does not follow website guidelines".

Website Rules/Guidelines:

1) Unless the location is named "Secure" (example: "Secure General Discussion", please refrain from using excess amounts of profanity or unprofessional remarks as guests will be able to see it.
2) No spamming is allowed. If you need to add more information, edit your latest post. Double posts are only acceptable if you are bumping a thread that you were the last to post in and a considerable amount of time has passed.
3) A shoutbox is available for all users to access. As it is not secure, please refrain from using unprofessional remarks.
4) All age groups are allowed to register our website and have access to our forums, so please remember that there will be people older and younger than you. Registering on the forums does not count as applying to join the clan, that is why people of any age are allowed to register.

Please do realize this is a temporary website until enough funds are raised to buy IPBoard for a website.


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