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TeamSpeak Guidelines

Post by Kage-Inazuma on Sat Jan 31, 2015 3:43 pm

The TeamSpeak 3 server is a privilege to the clan members that costs money. Donations will be needed to have the server running, or to upgrade the slot count. There are some guidelines that are to be followed on the TS3 Server or any guests and/or members will be removed from the TeamSpeak.

1) English language only.
- If you speak a few words in another language, such as "kawaii" or "sayonara", that is completely fine. However, the main language to be used on the server is English, as this is an English speaking clan. If you wish to have a conversation in another language, please go to another channel to speak verbally or a private message to the recipient if you want to type it.
2) Profanity.
- Profanity is allowed. Racist jokes are allowed, to an extent. If someone asks you to refrain from using that language in their presence or to refrain from calling them such remarks, please do so. It will be seen as harassment if you refuse to and you will be removed.
3) Global chat.
- Server admins have the permission to talk in global chat. For those who have rights to do so, please prevent from doing such unless it is absolutely necessary. Examples included: The meeting starts in 5 minutes! Please move to the meeting channel.
4) Moving people.
- Please refrain from moving people unless necessary. Examples include: moving someone to your channel because they cannot minimize, moving someone to the AFK channel because they are AFK, moving someone to another channel to privately speak with them and they allowed you to.


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